National Championships – 2019

The British age group championships were recently held in Leeds and Nottingham over the olympic and sprint distances respectively.

First up were the olympic distance championships in Leeds, where Will Russell managed to take 3rd place in the 25-29 age group and Ed Buckley came 5th in the 45-49 age group.

The next weekend it was the sprint distance championships in Nottingham. Ed Buckley improved on his position from the previous week to take home the silver medal in his age group, and Austin Hall battled hard for 6th place in a tough 20-24 age group.

London League – 2019 Update

The London league series is just past the half-way mark now and the club is well placed in the latest team standings – 2nd in the women’s, mixed and mob match and 4th in the men’s.

In the individual events Kate Brook and Chris Scott are the stand out performers so far, currently in 1st place in their age groups. There are plenty of other turbos well placed and a couple of good results can make a big difference! Latest standings can be found here