Zwift Meet Up with Workout Session – Video Instructions

To help with the Zwift Meet Up and how to select the designated Workout Session I have made the video below.

The steps must be performed in the order in the video and in summary are:

  • Select Ride (any course)
  • Join Meet Up (icon appears 5 minutes before start)
  • Click on Menu, select Workout Session, click on Workout, click on Back to return to Meet Up
  • Start pedalling when the clock hits zero!

If you have any questions please email or message me.

Link to Video

Monday 30th 8pm – Zwift Interval Session

Join us tomorrow evening, Monday 30th March, at 8.00pm for another Zwift Interval session which this week will be “The McCarthy”

Reminder of the key points:

  • Follow me on Zwift so I can invite you
  • Don’t be late (Zwift doesn’t let you join the Meet Up late)
  • Select the Workout Session (The McCarthy) after you join the Meet Up but before the ride starts (you have 5 minutes, plenty of time)

See everybody tomorrow!

Zwift Time Trial now in Club Championship’s

We are adding in a Time Trial event on Zwift that will be part of Club Championship. Point’s will be awarded in 2 categories – Men and Women. The course is 8km in length with 236m of climbing (last 2km) so hopefully it fair. You get no assistance from drafting so it is exactly like a Time Trial event…

You will just need to sign up to the race which zwift host at set times during the week and then provide your time to Ed Bucky. You can obviously repeat the event to try to improve your time.

We will announce more details on Monday. Please join in on the Zwift training/social rides to get a bit of practice in!

To see a video of the actual race (and in particular the beginning see the following link on this link to a youtube video Click Here

Ralph’s Next Challenge

This swim challenge is designed to test all swimmers no matter your ability… Please feel free to click on “share” below the video…

Rules are you must do at least 8-10 seconds of each stroke, dives and tumble turns are optional, full swim kit required, can be individual or whole family but all four strokes need to be completed. Please nominate other Thames Turbos to complete after your attempt! Have fun

Ralph Swim Challenge

Ralph Swim Challenge


There will be an online Yoga stretch out session on Saturday at 9.30AM. A class for all abilities – Care for and stretch out muscles used in Triathlon training. Every class finishes with a much need Savasana so you leave completely refreshed!

Instructor: Kathryn Scott

Code: 752 546 2373

This event is a virtual event and will be held on Zoom.

Zwift Session

There will be a 1 hour Zwift Social Ride on Friday 27th March for approximately 1 hour @ 8pm

Route: Greater London Route including Surrey Hills. The route is 25.6km with 350m elevation gain and should take us roughly 1 hour to complete. Along the way there will be segments such as climb up Leith Hill.

Ride leader: Angelo Bella

Please make sure you follow Angelo on Zwift (and follow other instructions) and let him know if you wish to attend on FB.

The details of this event will be updated here nearer the event. For instructions please go to