Abs – Extinctions Sets

Circuit Training

5 Reps of W’s – Leaning slightly back legs together lift your legs in a W shape in the air and then repeat back.  High legs to one side, lower in the middle then high to the other side. 

10 reps of Plank crossovers.  In the plank position on your hands.  Bring your knee up to the opposite elbow and then lift your leg upwards.  Repeat other side.

10 reps of Butterfly sit up.  Lie down on the floor with your feet touching the floor and your knees bent.  With your hand across your chest come up towards your knees keeping your feet on the floor and extend your arms out in a fly movement as you come up and really sit up tall.  Then lower down and repeat.

45 seconds of V sits with twist. Lean back slightly supporting your body with your hands placed behind you on the floor.  Feet together as you bring your legs up towards your body bring your body forwards to the knees but lean to the side then push the legs back out and lean back then lean to other side as you bring your legs up and bring your body forward to meet the knees again.

10 reps of Standard Crunch – Lie on your back feet flat on the floor knees bent.  Hands by your ears.  Lift the shoulder up as high as you can towards your knees and hold for 5 seconds then lower.

10 reps of Oblique twists to opposite knee.  Lie on your back feet on the floor and knees bent.  Hands by your ears.  Come up and twist your body and move your opposite elbow to opposite knee explosively then bring back to the middle pause and then lie back down and repeat to the other side.

10 – Sit downs – Sit up feet on the floor and knees bent.  Arms across the chest.  Lower the body as low as you can without the feet lifting off the floor and then come back to the starting position.  This is a great ab exercise for anyone that finds that they have neck pain when doing ab exercises. 

30 seconds of Hyper extensions – Lie flat on the floor face down.  Hands by your temples.  Lift the upper body up as high as possible breathing out as you go down in as you go up.  To make the exercise harder either perform pulses (little movements at the top of the range of movement), or / and extend your arms above your head.

30 seconds of Hip flexor ab crunches – hook your toes under something that won’t move or have someone hold your ankles and then perform the classic old school sit up.  This works your hip flexors as well as your lower abs.  If you start to lift your bottom off the floor to help you get fully up stop.

20 reps of True ab crunches – Lie on your back on the floor lift your feet off the floor and bend your knees cross the feet over each other and then lift the upper body towards the knees as high as you can and lower.