Appeal for help


From our friends at Sigma Sports

Please see the message below from Niall Gaffney of Sigma Sports:

My name is Niall, and I am a member of the content and video production team at Sigma Sports. We have an exciting online ad campaign in production at the moment, and I was wondering if any of your members would be interested in appearing in the video?

  • Who: Two female swimmers of any age and ethnicity
  • What: A short advert for Sigma Sports spring collection for playing on our YouTube channel and other online outlets
  • Where: Perhaps a suitable part of the Thames – exact location TBC (would appreciate input from you or your members)
  • When: Exact time TBC, but it will most likely be filmed on the 11th of March, taking approximately 3 hours
  • Why: There’s a small fee of £120 for each of the participants, plus agreed travel and food expenses

Our script is very simple, and for this scene, we see a swimmer enjoying the water while her friend hurriedly runs in to join her. We would supply a loan of brand new wetsuits and swimming equipment, and provide a fee for the participants. All Covid guidelines will be adhered to throughout production.

If you are interested please contact Niall directly at or 0333 006 8833