Training at home


Training Indoors

Here can find a series of videos to help you train to improve fitness and prevent injury whilst the current measures are in place to try to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

If you start on the first video each video will continue to the next video automatically. You can maximise the screen and use your mobile to play the video. If you have missed a part of the video just click on icon "10" with an arrow around it.

Please feel free to share. Special thanks to our Head Coach Ralph Hydes.


Training Indoors - Routine 1

Toilet roll routine!  Keeping it lighthearted and using household objects. (The toilet roll can be replaced with any object you can pick up in one hand).
These exercises can be performed each day as they are great core conditioning and balance work.  Work through each exercise in order and always finish with your ab exercises.  Perform as many reps as you can.  I suggest you aim for 1 minute each exercise and where applicable each side.  If you can complete 1 minute for the exercise and want to make it a harder exercise routine then perform 2 to 3 more sets of all exercises.

Training Indoors - Routine 2

On the theme of training at home, many people may not have any gym equipment.  So using one or two inner tubes we can do a number of resistance exercises to incorporate into our daily routines to help with conditioning and rehab.  The exercises I demonstrate will work the legs, arms, posture and abs.  Aim to do 20 repetitions of each exercise but as always use caution and if something hurts which is not the normal exercise muscle feeling then stop immediately.  If you feel that one set of 20 repetitions of each exercise isn’t enough you can build up to three sets of each exercise.