Club Session Swims at Hampton – FAQ’s

Faq 1

We are a lucky triathlon club to have access to an outdoor pool these days, so some straightforward reminders:

  • Do read the Important Changes to Pool Use, In and Around the Swimming Pools and Within Hampton Pool Grounds – and abide by these rules. Some may have changed since the last time you swam.
  • Do cancel your session if you realise you cannot make it.
  • Do follow the Coach’s instructions on when to exit the pool so Hampton Pool can do their 15-minute Covid clean before the next session. For example, our Senior session ends at 9pm, which actually means we need to exit the pool by 8:55 at the latest so we can exit the facility on time.
  • We have to hand back the entire facility by 9pm, so save your chat for the Car Park or Thirsty Thursday.

How do I know which lane to book myself into? – Lane 1 is the slowest, Lane 6 is the fastest. You should know your swimming lane from the past few weeks or pre-lockdown – that hasn’t changed. New members (Seniors & Juniors) will be swim tested. See the diagram below labelled with Senior Lanes and Junior Lanes. Please note, the Junior Lane locations are new, but the lane speeds are the same.

What direction should I swim in the lane? – We will swim as HOP does to enable social distancing: swim anti-clockwise in your lane, which means you swim out on the right and back on the right. When you come in, you stand on your right (as you’re facing the learner pool) – keeping 2m (or 1 blue & 1 white set of lane lines) between you. (see the diagram)

When I’m in the pool, where do I stand to maintain social distancing? – For Coached sessions, the Coach will tell you where to stand. For Uncoached sessions, you will need to self-manage your social distancing within the lane. Generally, keep 2m between you and others.

What if I need to overtake? – You will not be able to overtake as you used to. You cannot toe-tap. Be more aware of allowing enough time and distance between you and the swimmer in front – allow them to travel at least 1/3 of the length of the pool before you push off. We expect everyone to be open to allowing faster swimmers to go first. Be considerate of others: if you are slower or fatiguing, allow the person or people behind to go in front. If you need to go in front, don’t be shy about asking to go ahead. The Coaches will also prompt people in the lane to change positions.

Who can book me into a session? – You book yourself on by logging into the website: Training & Coaching / Book Sessions Remember, the first time you register, it will take some time to be approved before you can book onto a session. You will receive an email when your registration is approved, and you will get an email reminder the day before.

What should I do if my lane is full when I try to book? – You will be automatically added to the Waitlist. You will receive an email from Thames Turbo Triathlon Club that looks like this:

If you feel you would be comfortable in an adjacent lane, and there is space, you can book yourself into that lane. If you do, please immediately cancel your Waitlist spot in the other lane. Please do not book yourself onto multiple lanes or into one lane and onto a Waitlist in another lane.

What if I can’t make a session? – As we have limited capacity due to Covid regulations, please cancel your place as soon as you possibly can to allow people on the Waitlist to attend.

If you are on the Waitlist and you cannot attend, please cancel your Waitlist booking so the next person on the list can move up.

What happens if I’m on the Waitlist? How & when will I know if I get in? – The booking system does not automatically move people off the Waitlist. Periodically, a coach will check the cancellations / Waitlist to see if there is a space. You will receive an email if you have been moved into the session off of the Waitlist. As this is all a manual process, any changes will be made by lunchtime on the day of the training.

What if I’m late? – Come into the pool area through the main entrance and check in with the Head Coach (maintaining social distance). Then cross your name off the whiteboard.

What if I’m early? – Stand on the yellow footprints that HOP have put on the pavement next to the building in the designated waiting area. If you are facing the main entrance, this is to the right. (see diagram) Please maintain 2m social distance in the queue. For your own safety, please do not stand in the car park.

  • HOP has planned 15 minutes between groups to thoroughly clean the facilities before the next group comes in, so we can enter when our session starts.
  • Juniors – let the Helper standing next to the Whiteboard know who you are and which lane you’re in. They will cross you off the list.
  • Seniors – please cross yourself off the list using the marker provided, then use the hand sanitiser immediately afterwards at the HOP entrance.
  • Proceed directly to the pool (do not stop in the changing rooms) and directly into your lane. Enjoy your swim!

If I have 2 kids, how do I book them both on a session? – You must book two separate sessions – one booking for each swimmer. On the booking form, Your Name = the Name of the Swimmer. For Child bookings, please also put the Name of Your Child in the Notes section just so we are sure.

You will know it’s correct when you receive 1 email for each individual swimmer.

Where do I find the classes I’ve signed up for? – Below the booking form:

How do I cancel a class?

  1. Go to Bookings, then your list of booked sessions. Press the Cancel button next to the session you want to cancel:

2. You will be asked if you really want to cancel

3. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email that your session has been cancelled.

When do we get to add more people to lanes? – We are constantly reviewing and following BTF guidelines. Although other governing bodies may advise different lane capacities and coaching ratios, Thames Turbo is governed by the BTF. We will implement changes as soon as it’s possible to do so.

What time does booking open? – For next week’s session, you can book the morning after this week’s session, i.e., for Thursday swim next week, you can book on Friday morning this week.

Do I need to book Zoom online sessions? – Yes!

  • Our Coaches will know who is attending
  • We’re always gauging interest in our offering through what you attend
  • You will get the Zoom joining link in your confirmation email
  • Reduces everyone’s admin time

What if I still have questions? – Please email us at:

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