Frequently Asked Questions

What are the distances?

For the Sprint Triathlons
Swim – 426 Meters
Bike – 21.5 KM
Run – 5 KM

What is the refund / withdrawal policy?

Our policy on refunds and transfers to other races is as follows.

If the competitor notifies us via email up to 14 days before the race we will allow a refund (minus £15 admin fee). This must be done by emailing the Race Director at and stating clearly which race you are withdrawing from.

I need to pull out of the race as I’m injured, pregnant, have to work or am going on holiday?

Please see the refund/withdrawal policy.

Where is the race held?

All of our races are held at the same venue. The Hampton Open Air pool. The pool website can be found at:
Information on how to get there can be found at the above website. The address is:
Hampton Open Air Pool
High Street
TW12 2ST

Where can I park when I get to Hampton Pool?

The car park at the Hampton Pool will not be available for competitors to park in. You can park in the quiet roads around the pool. Please remember not to leave any of your wheels on the curb or park on the green as the traffic wardens will award you with a penalty notice.
When unloading bikes etc. please be mindful of the neighbour’s wishes not to rise at such an early hour on a bank holiday!


Are there any results available from previous races?

Yes, please see the results section of the website. They are usually posted within 24 hours:

Our chip-timing supplier posts the results live as soon as the race starts,

What is a number belt and can I use one in your race?

A number belt is an elastic belt that you clip your number to. Leave it in transition with your bike, shoes and helmet. When you arrive at your racking position, pop the number belt on and voila. No need to mess around pinning numbers to shirts / jackets / etc. etc.. We usually have a some for sale at registration for £6.

We only give out one race number, so you must use a race belt, as it is imperative that your number is clearly visible at all times. In particular this means from the rear during the Bike and from the front during the Run, as per BTF rules.

Where do I get my race number from?

These are given at Registration. We register people between 5-6pm on the Sunday before the race. On race day it is open from 05:45am to 06:15am. Please come early to avoid queuing. They are NOT posted out. There will also be registration at the pool the evening before between 5:00-6:00 pm, but no racking. If you wish to collect someone else’s registration envelope we need email confirmation from them, and it is your responsibility if they turn up the next day without their number or timing chip. If they are BTF members you need to supply their membership card or you will be charged for a day licence.

Is the cycle route run on closed roads?

The roads are open and public. It’s a bank holiday though.
Some may say that the road to / from Hampton Court Palace is a slightly busy one, please remember that you are only on it  for a short time, you are quickly sent on the Lower Sunbury / Shepperton / Chertsey section which is most definitely NOT a busy road.

Will there be marshals?

Yes, there are marshals everywhere they are needed. British Triathlon tell us where we must put them. We make sure they are there. You however are riding at your own risk so do not expect them to control traffic or call “clear” for you. You MUST ride within the Highway Code.

Are there drinks on the race route?

There are drinks available at approx 1.9km and 4.1km & the finish line on the run route. There is water available. Please take liquids with you on the bike, you can drink them in the non-compete zone without losing time.

Will I have to stop at the traffic lights?

You MUST stop! It’s in the Highway Code so you MUST do it. No exceptions. There is a marshal at that traffic light and if you jump red, you will be instantly DISQUALIFIED. This is a Health & Safety issue. No variations will apply. No  exceptions will be made. Jump it. DQ! Not negotiable.

The question of what to do if you do catch the red has been had many many times. The outcome is that all of the best athletes strongly advise you to remain seated on your bike, take advantage of the recovery and go on green. If you want to unclip, and push your bike along the path, re-mounting after the light, that is your choice (note – no riding on pavement, this is also against the Highway Code), but general consensus is that it is not a benefit and actually introduces additional risk of a fall / incident / mechanical trying to dismount and
remount under race conditions. You may not walk round the traffic lights with your bike between your legs, you need to fully dismount, walk round on the pavement and then re-mount. The lights at the Waterworks change quite quickly as priority timing is normally given to the more busy Upper Sunbury

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit or debit card and have immediate confirmation of your place.

What are the start times?

Registration opens at 05:45 and closes at 06:15.
All entrants must be registered before the race starts at 6.45.
Transition and helmet check closes at 06:30 .
Race briefing starts at 06:35; you must attend this in case of last minute changes or alterations.
Your race number will determine your start time.
Entrants start at 10-15 second intervals with the order determined by stated 400m swim times.

I have a late starting number and have raced before; do I need to arrive so

Registration times will be strictly enforced to ensure that everyone is at the very important race briefing. Please arrive early enough to register before it closes at 06:30 .You will not be allowed to enter transition if you are late, even if someone else has collected your race number.

I have a medical condition

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are fit enough to take part in the race. Please write any details (such as asthma and the inhalers that you use) that would be needed by our event paramedics in case of emergency on the reverse of your race number.

What is the registration format?

The registration format is to arrive at 05:45 , go to the Registration desk, state your name and collect your race numbers. NOTE – THEY ARE NOT POSTED OUT.
Now apply one of the two stickers to the front centre of your helmet, apply the other sticker to the top tube of your bike and put your race number on your race belt. There is also a security band to put round your wrist which allows you entry in and out of transition; you must be wearing this! You will also get a chip for timing you on a band that must go on your LEFT ankle.
Proceed to transition for bike & helmet check and rack your bike.
Make sure you are poolside for the Race Briefing at 06:15.

What is the transition format?

Transition is on the large grass area on the far side of the pool.
There is no numbered racking, just places marked out, and specified number ranges for each row of racks. We suggest that your handlebars are positioned towards you and your saddle used to put your bike on the racking.
You must not leave anything in transition that is not to be used in the race. All bags, pumps etc. must be returned to your car and transition clutter minimised to ensure safety. There is space around the outside of transition against the fence for “big bags”. Marshals will move your equipment/bags from the racking space if they consider it to be too big.
You will NOT be allowed to remove your bike from transition without showing your security wrist band and returning your timing chip (simply flashing your arm with a series of numbers will not suffice).
You will be given a security bracelet that you need to put on in order to get in and out of transition
During the race there is a separate entrance for competitors near the registration hut, please note again that you will need to show your bracelet to enter.

Why is there a 7 minute “non competing zone” between the Bike and Run?

This is an unavoidable requirement brought about by the right turn onto the main road at the traffic lights just before arriving back at Hampton Open Air Pool. Attempts to overcome this are thwarted each time given the impracticality of a road closure on such an important road.
Please note, you and we must comply with the Highway Code and BT regulations so those of you that jump the red light on the outbound route (left turn) will be DISQUALIFIED. See also section on ‘Will I have to stop at the traffic lights?
And…you may not return to your parked car during the non-compete zone to collect anything or change from your bike to your running kit outside of transition. This will result in a DQ.
Please also follow marshals instructions as to dismounting your bike when entering the pool etc.

How does the “non competing zone” work?

The bike section timing will end when you pass the marshalled point by the water works, marked by cones and chip timed. Continue to make your way back to Hampton pool, but please be careful of traffic. 7 mins allows sufficient time to return to Hampton pool at non-race pace.
At Hampton pool you dismount on the left-hand side of the road and cross to the pool, please not this is at your own risk to cross when safe and you will not be waved over by the marshals. Please allow enough time to cross the road.
You may remount your bike ONLY AFTER crossing the run-out junction within the car park and ride slowly to the dismount line at the top of the carpark.
Your race time will restart on entry into transition 2. Any time over the 7 mins allowed will be added to your transition time. The example below explains this.
Swim time Bike time incl. T1 Non-competing time Run time incl. T2 Total race time
10:00 45:00 5:30 27:00 1:22:00
10:00 45:00 7:00 27:00 1:22:00
10:00 45:00 9:00 27:00 1:24:00
The athlete in the 3rd example exceeded the allowed non-competing time by 2:00 and this has been added to their race time. There is no benefit in ‘racing’ back to T2, however athletes must enter T2 on arrival and not cause congestion in this area.

How do I get my bike out of transition after the race?

Bikes cannot be removed from Transition until all competitors have finished the swim course (approx. 09:00am). Please note that you will need your security wrist band and timing chip.
Also, we require everyone to remove their bikes by 10am.

When are the race results made known?

Results are live via our chip-timing suppliers website. This will be published on our website and on your race pack: These are live as soon as the race starts;
they sometimes supply a printer on site so you can check your times when you finish. We post results on the Race Series website as an excel file within 24 hours normally.
Prize giving is at approximately 10.30-11am on the terrace, Provisional “Series” results are announced at the end of race 4 in August.

Why is the TTTC Race Series so popular with athletes new to Triathlon?

Because it is a very friendly low key environment ideal for beginners.
Because it is one of the least expensive races on the calendar
Because the Swim is in a first class outdoor heated pool.
Because the Bike is flat and fast.
Because the Run is flat and fast.
Because as a 4 race series, it is ideal for benchmarking your progress during the year.
Because 3 of the 4 races are so early, they are ideal sharpeners for later races.
Because we have the friendliest most helpful marshals.

What do I wear?

Ideally a tri suit as this allows you to swim, then bike and then run without the need to pull clothes on and off. If you do not have a tri suit, then for males a pair of tri shorts is probably the next best thing though you will need to add a layer before heading out on the bike as no nudity is allowed in our sport. For the females, tri shorts and a crop top may be sufficient though once again an extra layer may be needed at the first races in the series.
Calf guards are not allowed. If in doubt please read the BTF Triathlon Rule book
Please note that you cannot get changed under a towel in transition. No nudity!

Can I wear a wet suit?

No. It is a pool swim in a delightful outdoor heated pool with at water temperature of as much as 28 celcius. Our BTF Referee will also not allow anything to be worn (including socks) on your feet during the swim. You are not allowed swim floats or any flotation device or swimming aid.

Can I use a mountain bike / hybrid?

Yes. As long as your bike is road worthy you may use it. At the Thames Turbo Race Series there are many novices just trying the sport out before making the investment in a road bike so we are accustomed to seeing mountain bikes in transition. No fixed wheel bikes though.

Do you accept race entries “on the day” (OTD)?

Not at present.


What are the categories at each race for a Trophy?

• 1st Overall Male 1st Overall Female
• 2nd Overall Male 2nd Overall Female
• 3rd Overall Male 3rd Overall Female
• 1st 16 – 19 Male 1st 16 – 19 Female
• 1st 20 – 29 Male 1st 20 – 29 Female
• 1st 30 – 39 Male 1st 30 – 39 Female
• 1st 40 – 49 Male 1st 40 – 49 Female
• 1st 50+ Male 1st 50+ Female

How do I collect my Trophy and prize?

Prize Giving will take place upstairs on the balcony approx. 30 minutes after the final runner finishes. That should be approximately 10.30am. Trophies and prizes will NOT be posted out, or available for collection later, so please check the “Finishers So Far” lists and if you are in the running for an age group prize please stay on for Prize Giving. There is massage available, and showers are available, a fabulous selection of hot and cold food, and surprisingly enough, a lovely swimming pool to keep you occupied whilst the results are prepared, the winners identified and the trophies handed out.

Other than the obvious (i.e. bike, helmet, shoes, etc.) what would you say are
the 3 essential items that I should bring for my race?
Tri suit
Number belt
Swim goggles

Do I need a bike?


What is the terrain on the run course?

The run course is mixed terrain, from leaving the car park at Hampton Pool, there is pavement made from paving stones and tarmac, tarmac paths, walking track and some grass/mixed terrain.

Will there be photographers in attendance?

We currently don’t have an official photographer for the series. We hope to have general race images available on Facebook and for competitors to post any images on there for general access. This may change.

Why will my bike and helmet be inspected before I am allowed into

First of all, your bike must be considered safe. One key aspect of this is that the ends of your handle bars must be plugged. In the event of an accident, unplugged bar ends can inflict horrific injuries and as such you will not be allowed to race in any BT sanctioned race unless they are plugged.
Your helmet must be in compliance with the latest BTF safety guidelines and will be checked for any sign of cracking, impact, etc. before you are allowed into transition. Further information is available at

Is drafting on the bike course allowed?

No. Please see the rules on the BTF website. We have many marshals on the bike course that will report anyone for drafting or dangerous cycling. In addition we have a Motorcycle Referee that will be monitoring the course for any offenders. Penalties or disqualifications will be applied.

What are the BTF rules?
Main changes to this year’s rules: 2018 Summary

Do we get a Race Memento?

We usually have give aways donated by our sponsors, such as gels or drink bottles. You can purchase a race finishers medal via the registration system for £4 if you wish to have something . We are looking at offering hoodies and other items too.

Race Insurance

Everyone has to be insured to race. If you are a BTF member, you have your race insurance included in your membership. You will need to show your card at registration (or proof of current membership); else you will need to purchase a Day Membership at an additional cost of £5.
If you are not a member of the BTF, your Day Membership to the BTF / Race insurance has already been included into the cost of your race entry. You will receive a Day Membership receipt in your race number envelope. Please don’t lose this as you will need it, should the need arise to make a claim.

Mobile Phones & Music Players

You cannot use your mobile phone in transition or anywhere on the course as part of the race. You also cannot listen to music whilst on any part of the course.