Friday Night Race – Our very own!

Friday Night

For the first time we are going to have our very own private Thames Turbo only race!

It will take place on Friday 13th November at 7.00 pm and will be on the Douce France course. Full course details can be found here and below is a brief picture summary:


In summary it is 24km with 108m of elevation so very flat! Drafting is allowed, and encouraged, just like any normal race so use a Road Bike.

The Race will be held within the Meet Up function is Zwift, same as our Monday Night Interval sessions. So if you have ever attended one of these you know what to do. If you haven’t, simply log on to Zwift join any course and 15 minutes before the start time you will see a “Join Meet Up” icon in bottom left hand corner to click on. I have invited all Turbos who are following me on Zwift.

The more people who take part the more fun it will be so don’t be shy!