Friday Race and Monday Intervals – Both Time Trials!

Time Trial

With the AGM approaching it also means the end of the Club Championship and a final chance to get a score on the door for the Zwift Time Trials. Or of course improve your existing time!

There are two to choose from and we encourage you to do both. Regardless of result they are excellent training. Join us for either or both of the following:

  • Friday 23rd October – 6.00 pm
  • Bologna Course – 8km
  • Link to enter –
  • Tips – The first 6km is flat, the last 2km is very steep. Both sections take about the same amount of time. I have tried both a TT bike and a Road Bike, I find the Road Bike quicker overall
  • Monday 26th October – 7.10 pm Edit, now 6.10 pm
  • Tempus Fugit Course – 7.10 pm (organised by Tri247)
  • Link to enter:
  • Tips – Completely flat all the way! Use a TT bike, set of at an uncomfortable pace and do your best to hold it

Make sure you join us on our Discord channel for pre race tips and banter.

Any questions please email or message me.