Guidance for Zoom Training Sessions


It looks like we will need to use Zoom for some training sessions for a while longer so thought we would issue some guidance on how to safely do so.

The only real change from what we have already been practising is to advise that Camera use for the participant is optional. And in fact we advise to have it on as the coach being able to see the participants does add another safety layer. And of course more interaction. For the Turbo session this is a change where previously we had the camera turned off.

Please see below the full guidance:

  • If an under 18 is joining a session a supervising adult must alert the session coach they are in attendance
  • All attendees must ensure they have sufficient space to safely perform all activities
  • All activities should be performed on a non slip floor and any sweat cleaned on a regular basis
  • All attendees should be adequately hydrated at the beginning of the session and have drinks available for the duration of the session
  • Any injuries or existing conditions must be reported to the session Coach before the session starts
  • Attendees camera use is optional and Under 18 members must have permission from their supervising Adult
  • For Senior members training their own we recommend your camera should be turned on in case there is an accident

We hope this will add to your enjoyment of the sessions as well as keeping you all safe.