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Running Sessions

Whilst we can still go outside take advantage with these run sessions. Please keep to social
distancing. I advise you wear gloves just in case, you come to any gates or other objects that
you may use and don’t then touch your face!

Running isn’t always about going out at just one pace. To be a better runner you have to get
used to running at different paces and learning how to judge your pace over different
distances. These sessions can be done on a treadmill or outside. If you are using a treadmill
set the gradient to 1% to simulate an outside feel.

Please click the following link to download pdf Thames Turbo Run Sessions

Cycling Sessions (Turbo)

Two Different types of sessions - one to improve your cycling efficiency and the other to improve your endurance...

Click on the relevant link to download the PDF:

Thames Turbo Technique and cadence turbo sessions

Thames Turbo Cycling (Turbo) - Building endurance