Junior Membership

Junior Membership

We have a thriving junior membership and at times operate a waiting list. Check out our current Junior Training Schedule.

We offer a two-week trial for all prospective members. This is not a trial of ability but designed to allow you and your athlete to meet coaches and other Turbo athletes and parents and try out all the sessions and make sure the club is right for you before you join.  The Two-week trial starts with the Thursday swimming session at Hampton Open Air Pool.  To book the two week trial, please complete the make an enquiry form and the membership secretary will contact you.

2 Week Free Trial

To apply please fill out the form below

TriStar (7-10 Yrs)

£22 Per Month

TriStar (11-16 Yrs)

£25 Per Month

To enquire about membership please complete the following form to contact us:

Training For All Levels Of Triathletes

We have juniors join at all ages, and abilities, all enjoy the range of activities and coaching that Thames Turbo has with all our Swimming, Cycling and Running Triathlon Training Sessions.

Our coaches are experts at helping children and youths develop whether they are a novice triathlete, have entered some multi-sport events or are part of the London Regional Training Squad, we can help you develop in all three parts of the sport as well as the all-important transitions.

Family Friendly.

Many parents in the club love that we are family friendly. While Juniors and seniors train at different times, there is a junior swim session where we reserve a lane for parents, who are club members as well (this lane is not coached). Many of the junior run and bike sessions are in beautiful Bushy or Richmond Parks and while parents you can’t participate in the sessions, it is a great chance to go for a run yourself.

There are a number of races in London that are open to juniors and adults (different events on the same day) so triathlon is truly a sport that the whole family can participate in.

The welfare of our juniors is of paramount importance. Our clubs welfare officer ensures that we follow all legislation and best practice.


We believe that improving means measuring your performance, with racing being an excellent way to do this. We encourage all juniors to race. In the summer there is the Junior London League, which we incorporate into our own summer series. While in winter we have our own club Winter Race Series. Each has a popular awards party after the race series has ended.

The London League is a group of races in different multi-sport events which is open to all children who live or attend school in London. Races are managed by different clubs and includes our own Thames Turbo Junior Aquathlon. For all of the London League races we have a strong turnout of Turbos and the support is excellent.

We also have our own Winter Race Series made up of races and time trials for swimming, biking and running, keeping our race skills practiced even in the close season.

Minimum Requirements And Responsibilities

Some of our sessions require a minimum ability or age. This is to ensure all juniors get an equal amount of time with our coaches. Our two week trial period is designed help both yourself and the club make sure we are a good fit. Below are our minimum requirements and responsibilities.

  • Children can join in the calendar year they turn 8.
  • Our swimming sessions are not for absolute beginners. We expect all Turbos to be able to swim 50 or 100m front crawl, when they join, the distance depending upon the child’s age. This is not a speed test, simply a competency.
    • If your child is a non-swimmer we can recommend swimming instructors that can get them up to our minimal requirements quickly.
  • Our Coached Track sessions are available to all Juniors 10+. 9 year olds who can meet a minimum 2km qualification time in the Junior parkrun can also join in (at the coaches discretion).
  • Our Monday Turbo (spin class triathlon style) is open to Tri-Star 2 (those who will have their 11th birthday in this calendar year) or older.

Triathlon Equipment

To participate in triathlon and all our sessions your child will require a bike and helmet, a pair of gym shoes, swimwear and goggles. The club has a small number of bikes available for a short term loan. These are to help juniors when they first join the club. Please ask about them during your two week trial.

Volunteering A Parent’s Responsibility

All members, junior and senior must provide a marshal for one of our successful races. The profit from the races helps keep our subscriptions so low.

Triathlon Jargon Busting For Parents

Triathlon has lots of jargon, but the key ones for parents are below

Age Group

The Age is always the child’s maximum age in any year. So if your child turns 9 or 10 in the current calendar year then they are a Tristar 1.

Age Group


TriStart      8
Tristar 1  9 – 10
Tristar 2  11 – 12
Tristar 3  13 - 14
Youth  15 - 16
Junior  17-19


MultiSport is another confusing sounding word. It simple means a race that involves at least two sports. Triathlons involve three sports swimming, biking and running. Aquathlons are swimming and running, while Duathlons are running, biking and then running again.