Junior Runathlon Safety Tips

Runathlon Safety Tips

Whether you're a seasoned Runathlon-er or this if your first event, here are some Safety Tips. We know the more you plan ahead the more fun you will have - and better results you will get! For this event, you are responsible for assessing the risks in the course you choose and for putting in place measures to keep yourself safe and healthy. Plan your route ahead of time so you can fully enjoy your run.

If running in the garden, inside or on a treadmill, please:

  • inspect your course and clean up spills to avoid slipping
  • wear appropriate footwear
  • let other potential users of the space know you are using the course to avoid collisions
  • avoid slippery surfaces that cannot be made safe
  • and move objects that may create a trip hazard
  • ensure you know how to use your equipment and you know how to safely stop the treadmill

If you are running outside, please:

  • plan and inspect your route if possible ahead of time and note potential trip, slipping or collision hazards
  • pay attention to the weather and dress appropriately
  • follow your government's distancing guidelines
  • stop at traffic lights and exercise road safety
  • run with a responsible family member nearby
  • be aware of the presence of other path or road users (especially vehicles)
  • inform someone where you are going and check in upon your return if you choose to run alone
  • carry an ICE (in case of emergency) card with your details
  • carry water or have it available
  • consider the impact of injury on your local emergency services. Identify how you will access first aid if needed.