London Junior Series – Battle of the Clubs!

Please enter your results for the Battle of the Clubs runs here.

  • Please complete each of the boxes on the form below each time you record a run.
  • You can enter as many as you like and we will select the best one to include in our overall Thames Turbo results that are sent over to the London League.
  • We will put together the teams of 3 once all the results are in, so don’t worry about that.
  • Submit your time/distance/age category by 28th February.
  • The run must be a measured time/distance so you will need to use or borrow a Garmin or similar device or run over a known distance.
  • Please ensure that your runs are completed safely; with permission form your parent or guardian; and obey all Social Distancing requirements in force.

Thames Turbo will not share your details with any third parties or use for any purposes other than relating to this event.

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Please enter your run time.

5 minutes and 22 seconds would be 5.22