Marshalling Race Series signup

Race Marshalling

The Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon race series dates are now live! The committee ask that for the good of our club every member support the club with its events.

For Junior Races - Marshalling generally entails helping our on the day from approximately 9am to ensure the event is run as smoothly and safely as possible.  Approx 9.00-15.00  earlier if we finish earlier.

For Senior Races - Marshalling entails a few hours the afternoon before the race to set up equipment and signage and helping on race day with a morning (6 am - 11ish Finish) of looking after race competitors, helping on the course and packing away afterwards. We know it is an early start and by way of saying thank you to our volunteers provide free bacon sandwiches and cups of tea/coffee.

Please can you let me know which race you can Marshall for by signing up below

The Race Director will be in touch with you well before the event to let you know what will happen on the day and how you can help. Any questions please let me know

Please remember - The Races are run purely for the benefit of the membership and the Sport. All profits are used to ensure membership fees are as low as possible for all of us.  Our race profits in 2019 were about £12,000, our fees would really need to increase if we were to generate this amount without the races. If you are not able to Marshall please can you let me know, but we do ask that you make every effort to help our club as this the races benefit us all.

If you have never marshalled before please don’t worry we’ll show you the ropes. It is actually a fun few hours and for newcomers to the club, this is also a great opportunity to mix with other members.

Races Dates

  • Senior Race - Monday 1st May 2023
  • Junior Aquathlon - Saturday 10th June 2023

Any questions please let me know