Monday Night Zwift Intervals – Sub-Threshold #2

Zwift Photo Cycling 01

New to Zwift or maybe never joined one of our Interval Sessions before? Maybe worried you will not keep up? No need!

Two key things to remember:

  • The power targets are based on your FTP, not anybody else’s power or speed. The Power figures in the image below are just to give you an idea of the type of session. Typically the hard intervals are 100 to 115% of your FTP and recovery intervals are 65% of your FTP. Always it is manageable and you can increase or decrease the targets if you wish.
  • Everybody stay’s together. If somebody is cycling at 100 watts and somebody else 300 watts, its does not matter. Zwift does some magic in the background and adjusts speeds to keep the group together.

This weeks session on Monday 19th October at 7.00 pm will be L’Etape du Tour Training Club\Phase 2\Sub-Threshold #2:

Monday Night

If you haven’t joined one of our sessions before please follow me on Zwift so I can invite you and please watch my video explaining how to select a Workout Session in a Meet Up:

And if you want to join us on the Discord App which is a Voice Channel so we can chat whilst we cycle please see my previous post with instructions:

Hope to see lots of you Monday evening and please email or message me if you have any questions.