Paid For Weekend Swim At Hampton Pool

Senior Thames Turbo membership includes 1  Free you (paid for by the club) weekend swim at Hampton Open Air Pool. This session is non coached, and you are welcome to swim as much or as little as you like.

With Covid precautions, Hampton Pool has introduced a new system for booking swimming, meaning you must be registered on their system as A Thames Turbo member to redeem your swim.

Please note this benefit is only open to Full Senior members.


  • Register as a customer on the Hampton Pool System here  - This is a little fiddly. Pls see instructions
  • Complete the form below
  • Each entry be cross-checked to ensure they are a current member
  • Every Sunday, a collated list of entries will be passed to Hampton pool for processing.
  • Hampton Pool will link each username provided to the club, allowing you to book a swim and bypass payment.
  • This process is not instant. Hampton has asked for a maximum two week lead time. Once this is done once, assuming you continue to be a member, you will not see to do this again.
  • Enjoy

Any Questions - Please post any questions or queries to the Thames Turbo Membership Facebook page here