Parent Volunteer / Training Safely Rep

Volunteers at Training Sessions

Why is this role important?

To ensure BTF guidelines on social distancing, hygiene and contact tracing are followed at all training, we will need individuals present at each training session to support our coaches and athletes by ensuring our club members follow these guidelines. In particular, Junior sessions will need extra care and attention to ensure everyone’s safety.

This is a role that the club asks members and parents to volunteer for on a session-by-session basis.

Support for Parent Volunteers

The Covid-19 lead and Welfare officer will conduct a Parent Volunteer training via Zoom once a month, or as needed. The objectives of the training are likely to evolve but will primarily include:

  • Share and become familiar with the Club resources available on the website
  • Equip Parent Volunteers with the information they need to feel clear and confident about the scope and responsibilities of the role
  • Get feedback from Parent Volunteers on what is working and recommendations for adjustments
  • Create a community of support and open communication about safety and wellbeing of junior members

Parent Volunteers will receive a Hi Vi sash from the club to wear during training to identify their role.


Read the following guidance: 

Conduct your own personal health assessment before attending any TTTC training session via the Pre-Training Covid-19 Pre-Assessment. Call the Health & Safety person if you have symptoms, and please contact another member or parent to take your role immediately for that session. 

Arrive at training 5-10 minutes early to make sure all safety measures agreed with our training venue and specified in our risk assessments are in place and to make yourself known to coaches.

Check athletes into the session against the sign-up roster.

Give TTTC club members directions and instructions about venue social distancing and hygiene arrangements as necessary before and after the session.

Remind athletes of social distancing & hygiene rules as necessary during the session.

Report incidents, accidents or other feedback via the Incident / Accident Report form.

Recommend changes / improvements to Risk Assessments and operating processes when necessary.

Time Commitment

Attend TTTC training session + a few mins / week on scheduling session attendance.

Occasionally attend Parent Volunteer zoom training session.