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The race start list will be posted on the race series website a few days before the event. This will show the competitor’s race number and racking row (shown by a letter; eg “A”, “B” etc). Please make a note of your race number as this will speed up registration. The start list is created based on the swim and race time estimates you have given us, and all efforts will be made to place you in a position with similar paced swimmers. There are different waves of different abilities so please don’t be alarmed if you think you are out of position. This is why it is important to give us accurate swim times if possible. You can correct your entry online up until the Wednesday before the race, after which no changes can be made.

REGISTRATION (05:45-06:15AM)

Everyone MUST register before the race starts. Registration is located as marked on the ‘Transition Area’ map. Please quote your race entry number, which is shown in the entry list. On registering, you will be given your ENVELOPE which contains your race number which must be worn during the race as soon as you leave transition. You must also collect your timing chips. You can also register the evening before at Hampton Pool between 5-6pm. If you wish to register for a spouse/friend etc, then bring confirmation (eg an email) showing that you permission to do so. Just make sure you give them their race pack or they will not


BEFORE entering transition, you will need to place one of your number stickers on the front of your bike (somewhere easily visible), and the other number sticker on the front centre of your helmet. You will also need to put on your security wrist strap, which will allow you entry in and out of transition. We will provide a poolside race briefing at 06:15am, race start is at 6.30am.

Please follow the correct procedure. Bike racking is marked out by the black arrows: You need to rack the side that the arrow is pointing. The space between racking positions is set according to BTF standards and racking on the wrong side will cause bikes to be too close together. Each row is lettered; please refer to the entry list and registration envelope to check which row you have been allocated, and stick to this, as numbers have been calculated exactly and it will cause congestions if you decide to rack elsewhere.


The bike section end when you pass the timing point at the water works. Just pass through without stopping, and then head straight to Hampton pool. 7 minutes allows sufficient time to return to Hampton pool at non-race pace. At Hampton pool you should dismount on the left-hand side of the road and cross to the pool under the guidance of the marshals. Your race time will restart on entry into transition 2. This is not an extra transition area. You cannot use the time to remove clothing, or your helmet. You can remove your feet from bike shoes that remain cleated to the pedals at the point you need to dismount. Any time over the 7 minutes allowed will be added to your transition time. The example below explains this.


The athlete in the 3rd example exceeded the allowed non-competing time by 2:00 and this has been added to their race time. There is no benefit in ‘racing’ back to T2, however athletes must enter T2 on arrival and not cause congestion in this area.


Spectators are most welcome at the race and have an opportunity to see the swim, transition, run and finish. However, space is tight around the gateway entrance to Hampton Pool so we request you advise any spectators you are bringing to not stand around the gateway area. There are clearly marked entry points and paths for spectators to access and exit the pool, and we ask they adhere to these so as not to impede competitors.

On leaving the pool area via the main entrance to the building, spectators should walk via the signed path and exit the car park by the pedestrian gate, turn left and head towards the run and finish area via Duke’s Head passage (see run map).


We will provide race results on the day and present prizes for overall winners, age group winners and novice prizes. Results are live from the moment we start the race. When possible we will have a screen and printer available for checking your times on site. Full results will be available within a couple of hours on our chip timing suppliers’ website. The link for this is publicised on our website and on your race number.

We will also post an Excel file on the Race Series website in due course. Results will NOT be sent out by Royal Mail. With chip timing in place you can see your race time after the race. Post race massage is available poolside. Please wait to see the results as any queries can only be investigated while officials are available to do so. Once we leave Hampton Pool, the results are final.


Prizes are awarded in the following categories at each race:

  • Male and Female -Overall 1st Place, Overall 2nd place, Overall 3rd place
  • Age group winners – Male and Female - Youth 16-19, Age Group 20-29, Age Group 30-39, Age Group 40-49, Age Group 50+
  • Special Prizes – Male and Female Best Novice & spot prizes.

Swim & Transition

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