Request to complete a Survey

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We have received a request from a Human Nutrition student at St Mary’s University for Elite and Recreational athletes to complete a survey on Nutrition. If you enter your email address you will receive a summary of the results. Further details and link below:

By way of introduction, my name is Laura, I am Richmond Borough local and a MSc Human Nutrition student at St Marys University in Twickenham. I am getting in touch to kindly request your help with finding athletes to participate in my research project. 

Specifically, I am looking for UK recreational and elite athletes (18 years or over) to participate in an online survey on healthy eating behaviours, and I would be super grateful if you could kindly circulate a survey link to your Triathlon club members and participate yourself if you can.

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes, it works well on a mobile phone and is a great isolation activity! I am aiming for over 200 athletes to ensure my study is of good quality, so any help would be much appreciated.

Essentially, to be eligible they need to either be currently considered:

  • ELITE LEVEL (e.g. regional, national or international level, approximate training ≥ 10 hours per week) – OR 
  • COMPETITIVE/ RECREATIONAL LEVEL (e.g. registered recreational/ club league, county or University level, or train ≥ 4 hours per week).

The recreational level also includes activities such as recreational running and cycling ≥ 4 hours per week. However unfortunately fitness activities such as attending the gym or aerobic classes are not included.

Any questions please just don’t hesitate to ask, otherwise many thanks in advance for your support and for helping a local student out! 🙂 

Best wishes,


Link to survey: