Return to Training – Guidance from our H&S Secretary

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Turbos Carefully Return to In-Person TrainingWe’re excited to get back to in-person training! The club will continue to stay aware of updates from British Triathlon, UK Athletics & Swim England. Our plan is to gradually ease back into in-person training as restrictions lift. By planning ahead, being innovative in session delivery and keeping each other informed, we’ll be able to keep ourselves and each other fit, safe and healthy and reconnect in person with our Turbo friends. 
Details about specific in-person training will come out in the next few days. Meanwhile, please take a look at what we’re doing as a Club to keep us training safely and what we’re asking each of our members to do a little differently. 
The Club and Coaches are:

  • Planning training sessions according to the required coach:athlete ratios.
  • Creating a booking system on the website to enable members to book onto sessions easily so we can maintain the correct coach:athlete ratios and scale up sustainably over time – once the coaches, athletes and committee are confident no immediate changes need to be implemented.
  • Updating risk assessments & emergency action plans to ensure we’ve thought through and have plans for returning to training safely and according to current guidelines – these will be posted on the website before sessions start.
  • Updating our coaches’ first aid kits with the right equipment so everyone is protected while dealing with injuries.
  • Building COVID-specific responsibilities into the Health & Safety committee role so the club stays current on guidelines and good practices.

Please help us all keep ourselves fit, healthy and safe by:

  • Assessing your own current state of health before attending training. Please do not attend if you feel at all unwell as this poses a risk to our coaches and your fellow club members. 
  • Practising social distancing and excellent hygiene before, during and after training.
  • Using our new booking system to help coaches and the club – planning ahead is one of the best ways we can help each other safely build back our in-person training.
  • Taking responsibility for helping members follow Covid-19 rules (from August, we’ll be asking for one volunteer per training session to take on this role).

We’re looking forward to building on the creativity, innovation and connectedness we’ve experienced as we’ve looked after each other over the last few months while we shift to this next stage of training.