Run Sessions

TTTC Running Sessions Information

Where:  St May’s University (Track), Waldegrave Rd, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham TW1 4SX

Parking: Please park on Waldegrave Road

Facilities: We are not sure if the usual toilet facilities will be available so please go to the toilet before attending the session



Junior Session 6:30 – 7:15pm (45min session).  

Senior Session 7:30- 8:30pm (60min session)

15-minute turnaround window in between sessions.

What will the session be: 

This time of year, would normally be the peak of competition for most triathletes and there are many virtual competitions that you can take part in.  However, because of the lockdown restrictions some of you may have run more than usual and some of you may have been unable to run very much.  We are starting with fairly straight forward training sessions to see how well sessions work under the social distancing restrictions.  Your constructive feedback will be welcome after the sessions.  Please bear in mind that we are running a limited number of people initially at each session as we try to maintain the guidance on training safely, but we will be reviewing how these sessions work.  Please understand that these sessions may be a bit different to what you may be expecting.

Moving forward we will be basing sessions around interval training to intended to improve cardiovascular endurance and strength.  This approach provides intervals of higher intensity and effort followed by intervals of low intensity and effort. All interval training will involve aggressively exercising the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, for this reason, interval training is an outstanding technique for individuals that are seeking to improve their endurance and explosiveness and take their performance to the next level.  Interval training as stated works the entire cardiovascular system. The interval training approach will provide an outstanding cardiovascular workout and rapidly improve your overall endurance and stamina.  

Juniors Session: Warm up, mobilisation, 4 sets of 60 seconds run 60 seconds recovery 30 second run 2 min recovery.


Following government guidance and BTF guidance, training will be in ‘Pods’ of 1 coach to 5 athletes maintaining a 2m social distancing. 

We are starting with 3 pods for the first week, so a maximum of 15 athletes per training session.

Our capacity will be reviewed regularly and in line with government guidance and BTF guidance.


Go to “Training & Coaching” on the main menu and select “Book Sessions” from the menu. You will be asked to login and then you will be able to book any available sessions up to a week ahead. You will need an account to the website, but if you don’t have one you can register at the bottom of this page. Each account request will be approved as soon as possible.

On arrival: You need to check in and you will be allocated a Pod/coach with which you will train for the whole session, maintaining social distancing all the time.

Pods will change week to week, depending on bookings.


Stay away if you are feeling unwell and follow the Government Guidance.

Before you leave home wash your hands and go to the toilet

Please arrive promptly

Come ready to run

Only bring what you need – medication, water bottle clearly named – Coaches will not be able to hold things for you and any belongings left behind will be disposed of.

If you are staying to spectate please maintain 2m social distancing.

Arrive and check in and head to your coach/pod

Remember to maintain 2m social distancing.

At the end of the session please leave promptly

Wash you hands as soon as you get home

Remember to stretch.

Please listen to the coaches and follow all their instructions fully – failure to do so will put at risk your ability to take part in future sessions

Social distancing is everybody’s responsibility.