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Another successful Race Series Event - Our own sprint triathlon on the early May bank holiday presented the first opportunity

Exciting news for the 2019 season! Our Junior Aquathlon is back, and we have a new home. We are returning

General Information

Another successful Race Series Event - Our own sprint triathlon on the early May bank holiday presented the first opportunity

Exciting news for the 2019 season! Our Junior Aquathlon is back, and we have a new home. We are returning


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Another successful Race Series Event - Our own sprint triathlon on the early May bank holiday presented the first opportunity

Exciting news for the 2019 season! Our Junior Aquathlon is back, and we have a new home. We are returning



Zoom Sessions

Zoom is a free service to sign up to.  It is a video conferencing application which enables you to log in and watch and join in some sessions that I am proposing we do as a club. We will be doing a number of these in the future.

The more of you that join and participate in the session the better however, their is a maximum limit of 100 people signing in although obviously multiple people in any house can take part.  I suggest that you all download the app and familiarise yourself with how it works by watching the following tutorial before the session starts.


To get started simply download the zoom app on your pc/mac, mobile or tablet.  Ideally place the device so that I can see your whole body including the floor so you may have to prop up your device a few feet away from you to get the coverage.  The idea is that you can see me do the exercises and I can see you do the exercises correctly too.  Wear comfortable clothing for exercise, have a towel and a drink.

You can turn the video off if you would prefer not to be watched but then I can’t see if you are doing the exercises or having a cheeky cup of tea on the sofa!

I will have turned your microphones off so I don’t get lots of people talking all at once or any background noise, but you should all be able to hear me.  Should you want to talk just tap the microphone icon and then you should be able to talk to me if you should have a question.  You can type messages which everyone will be able to see if you want to ask any questions without speaking to the whole class.  You can also ask questions privately by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen and then when the side bar opens select the box with 3 dots and then you can select whether you want to message everyone or just me or certain people.

Another function is the reaction icon on the bottom of the video screen – here you can select a thumbs up or clap emoji if you are feeling the love of my session!

When you log onto the Zoom site select join a meeting in blue on the top line of the page.  When you click on join a meeting it will ask you for a Meeting ID or Personal Link Name.

Type in the meeting ID

Then press Join

A box may pop up asking you to Join with Computer Audio or test speaker and microphone.  Select Join with Computer Audio.

We will post up the relevant meeting ID for each event.


Zwift Sessions

The first part of these instructions details how to join a Meet Up (private group ride) and how to take part in a structured workout of intervals in that Meet Up. Once in the Meet Up you can not be dropped. Zwift keeps everybody together regardless if they are cycling at 20 KPH or 50 KPH so this is truly for everybody.

It does presume you have used Zwift before and preferably have a little experience of doing the structured work outs too, but the latter is not essential. But if you have never used Zwift before I would recommend doing a few sessions on your own before joining a Meet Up just so you are familiar with the general functionality. I would also recommend doing an FTP test and setting your FTP in Zwift as the interval sets work on a % of your FTP.

I have also added some general FAQ’s about Zwift at the end.

Two essential steps prior to starting the Meet Up:

  • Install the Zwift Companion app on your phone
  • Follow me the organiser, Alan Lightfoot, on Zwift. I can only invite you to the Meet Up if you follow me. If I follow you, that is irrelevant, I still can’t invite you


I Zwift on my laptop and have the Zwift Companion app open on my phone for messaging and other functions. I recommend this method but not essential if you don’t have a laptop to use. You can Zwift on your phone but obviously a bigger screen is better.

So, how to join a Meet Up with a structured work out:

Step 1

15 minutes before the start time set up your bike, turbo etc and select the RIDE icon (it doesn’t matter which course)

Step 2

Once on the course wait till 5 minutes before the start and click on the JOIN MEET UP icon when it becomes available

Step 3

Once waiting on the start line click on the MENU icon

Step 4

Click on the Workouts icon

Step 5

Click on the workout required (I will have advised which one we are doing before the session starts) and then click on WORKOUT

Step 6

It then returns to the Menu screen and you should click on BACK

Step 7

You will now see the workout displayed on the left and wait for the clock on the right to count down to 0.00, start pedalling and we are off!

Additional information

When I message the Meet Up it will appear on the middle of the screen and when everybody else messages it will appear against your name on the left as usual but will only be seen by those in the Meet Up, all of which are highlighted in green. Messages are more easily read in the Companion app on your phone.

When we finish just hit Menu and end the session as usual!


What equipment do I need?

  • Option 1 – Smart Turbo Trainer – If you have one chances are you are well versed in the world of Zwift. The big advantage is if the power target is, for example, 250 watts, the Smart trainer sets the required resistance for you. Instructions here
  • Option 2 – Normal trainer and power meter – When Zwift sets you a Power target its up to you to peddle at the right resistance/cadence to hit the targets. Instructions here
  • Option 3 – Normal trainer without a power meter – You need a speed sensor, preferably with a cadence sensor. Instructions below how to set this up but in summary you tell Zwift your gender, height, weight and model of Turbo Trainer and it then estimates a power for you based on those details and your speed. Instructions here

Do I need to be a fast rider?

  • No! The Meet Ups will be set so everybody stays together no matter what speed they cycle at

Will I have to cycle at the same power as others in the group?

  • No! The power targets are set at a % of your FTP so everybody gets personalised targets

Do I need to be an experienced Zwift rider?

  • No, not a vast amount. I would recommend if new to Zwift doing just a few rides on your own to get used to the functions and screens. And preferably do one or two with a workout just so you have an idea what’s in store

Zwift Meet Up Insructions