Strength and Conditioning Sessions from Head Coach Ralph Hydes

Circuit Training

Strength and Conditioning (S & C), has many benefits and should and can be incorporated into your weekly training all year round.  The benefits are improving strength, balance, flexibility and reducing injuries.

This session is to improve your fitness.  Always start with a warm-up which can be some low intensity exercises such as jogging on the spot, low intensity star jumps, jumping side to side, heel kicks, high knees and some light jumps on the spot for 30 seconds each.  Then repeat these exercises again but picking up the intensity on each.  Perform some dynamic stretches (stretches with gentle movements) and some mobility exercises.  You could also go for a light 10-minute run or a 10-minute cycle beforehand.

Once you are warmed up make sure that you have sufficient space around you with good lighting, well ventilated and have a mat, towel and a drink to hand.  I would also always recommend that you do the exercises wearing adequate shoes.

Perform 3 sets of the following exercises.   Concentrate on form rather than how many you can do but still count how many you are doing so you can compare in future rounds or occasions you perform this set.  This will give you a target and also highlight if you are getting fitter on each exercise.

SET 1 – Each exercise for 30-40 seconds 20 seconds rest between each exercise. 3 sets of:

  • Pressups
  • Burpees
  • Squat Thrusts
  • Mountain climbers

1-minute rest and drink

SET 2 – Once again focus on good form.  Take 20 seconds rest after each exercise. 3 sets of:

  • Squats or jumping squats – 1 minute
  • Lunges – 1 minute
  • Runners arms or dips (you can do on the floor or off a ledge or bench) – 40 seconds
  • Star Jumps  – 1 minute

1-minute rest and drink

SET 3 – Once again focus on good form.  Move from one exercise to the next without any rest.  30 seconds after each round. 3 sets of:    

  • Abdominal crunches
  • Reverse crunches
  • Twisting crunches (Obliques)
  • Plank – 1 minute

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If you have any questions please reach out to Ralph who will be glad to help.