Suggested Training Schedule – Seniors

Training Iconv1

This is a suggested weekly programme to fit in with all the Thames Turbo sessions I.e. Club Zwift sessions circuits and yoga.  I have also incorporated all three of the video routines from the Thames Turbo @ home section on the website, Abs workout the toilet roll routine and the indoor swimming bands routine.  Along with the Daily Fitness Challenge.  At present I have suggested everyone joins in with the Burpee challenge but, each week I will be introducing a new challenge for you to do in addition to the current one so you will be doing multiple daily challenges by week four!  This should keep you very fit.

Suggested weekly training:

Turbo session or Zwift session with AlanRun sessionRest dayCircuits with Ralph on ZoomTurbo or Zwift session with AngeloYoga and stretch with Kathryn on ZoomLonger Bike ride or Zwift session
Daily fitness challengeDaily fitness challengeDaily fitness challengeDaily fitness challengeDaily fitness challengeDaily fitness challengeDaily fitness challenge
Ab video workoutToilet roll routine Run session Longer run session 
 Swim bands routine  Swim bands routine  

Turbo session or Zwift – Monday’s Friday’s and Sunday’s Please check with facebook or the Thames Turbo website to check which sessions are being held and timings.  For those of you not on Zwift but have a turbo trainer I will send out weekly Turbo training sessions by email.

Run sessions – Tuesday run sessions I will send out on email each week but also there are lots of suggestions on the Thames Turbo website on the @ home section menu.  Go to @ home training sessions and then click on the blue link.  You will also see additional Turbo sessions here. The long run should be keeping in line with government guidance on social distancing.  This session should be a steady run depending upon your age and level of fitness.  I suggest no one really runs for 90 minutes unless you are used to running further.  As a general guide only increase the duration of the run by 10% per week.  Most people if you are aiming to do Olympic distance triathlons should be fine with an hour. 

Long bike ride can be done either on a turbo trainer or outside but once again please be safe.  It is meant to be a steady ride.  If riding outdoors, make sure you wear a helmet and take a puncture repair kit.  The aim here is time on the bike not world records!  Once again if you are doing Olympic or sprint distance Triathlon’s there is no need to do more than 2 hours on the bike.  If you are thinking of going longer please use your own judgment and make sure you take sufficient nutrition and fluids.

My workout videos to keep your overall fitness and conditioning and to help you keep your muscles swim fit I suggest you do my swim band video and for all over conditioning do my toilet roll workout.

Zoom sessions on Thursdays and Saturday – Circuits with me and Saturday morning – Yoga with Kathryn, are a great way to compliment all the other training sessions so please join in.