Survey Questions – Turbo Class at Hampton Pool


We are continuing to analyse the recent Survey and have started the long process of discussion to see what can be improved but in the meanwhile we will be addressing some of the frequent mentioned comments/questions in the Survey and one of those was:

When is the Turbo class returning to Hampton Pool?

The short answer is not in the immediate future. Due to the 2m Social Distancing required there simply isn’t the space required in the Studio at Hampton Pool.

Finding an alternative venue with sufficient space for the required numbers in our area would not only be unlikely but not financially viable either.

There are also a number of members that have told us the virtual Turbo class has some conveniences as you don’t have the journey there and back to Hampton Pool and joining from home is preferable. All camera’s can be turned on now so it is a more interactive experience.

This is not necessarily a permanent solution but we see Social Distancing being in place for the next 6 months at least so we do not see any change to how the Turbo class is delivered whilst this is still in place.