Swim Sessions for the next two weeks – Commencing 20th October


Continuing with the explanation of the swim sessions here is a summary of the next two weeks.

Tuesday sessions carry on with developing the drills that we have been working on for the past two weeks.  The dreaded kick sets are the main focus for the warm-up developing cardio and leg strength.  The drills will be incorporated into the main swim set where they are included within the swim element.  I.e. 6 lengths as first 2 lengths drill then 4 lengths swim, and different variations of this theme just to make it more interesting and challenging.  Finally, the session will end with some hypoxic work – breathing every 5-7 strokes.

The Thursday swim set will work on body rotation drills for the warm up followed by sets of 5, 10 and 12 lengths at changing swim intensities to keep your swimming speed coupled with endurance.

If you have any questions please email or message Head Coach Ralph Hydes or ask him at one of the sessions.