Swim Sessions

Open Water Swimming

One swim at weekends is allowed at Shepperton lake per member.

Book as usual, and when you arrive, show your membership card on entry where you normally pay. You will then be allowed through to the car parking (or bike) area.

Take your membership card with you to the swim start and show your card. They will take down your name for their records.

Hampton Pool Swimming

We welcome the return to pool swimming at Hampton Open Air Pool on Thursday evenings.

Please book your sessions through our booking app. You will need to book to a specific lane based on your speed, as before. The number of swimmers in a lane and the overtaking / swim directions are likely to change weekly with updated advice – please keep an eye on your emails for updates.

We ask that you come beach ready – costume on with clothes/ dry robe over the top – and to maintain social distancing at all times, both around and within the pool.

You will not be able to enter HOP before your swim start time and may have to wait in the car park area. A club volunteer will check your attendance at the session.

Coaches will be on-hand at the shallow end of the lane to help with technique and volunteers will help the smooth running of sessions. If you are asked to move or distance this is for everyone’s benefit, please be patient! If you require a break please exit the pool at the shallow end and re-enter when you are ready to swim again and there is space to do so.

When your session finishes you must exit the premises as quickly as possible, following the pool’s one-way system. Outdoor COVID-secure changing facilities (but not showers) are available. 

You can familiarize yourself with the HOP layout and processes by watching their video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCqcb8eJfb_/

Junior swim starts at 7.00pm – 45 minutes
Senior swim starts at 7.50pm – 1 hour 10 minutes