Swim Sessions

Open Water Swimming

One swim at weekends is allowed at Shepperton lake per member.

Book as usual, and when you arrive, show your membership card on entry where you normally pay. You will then be allowed through to the car parking (or bike) area.

Take your membership card with you to the swim start and show your card. They will take down your name for their records.

Hampton Pool Swimming

Please book your sessions through our booking app. You will need to book to a specific lane based on your speed, as before.

Coaches will be on-hand at the shallow end of the lane to advise the session content and to help with technique wherever possible.


Senior Swim Starts at 8.30 pm = 1 Hour 30 Minutes


Junior swim starts at 7.00pm – 45 minutes
Senior swim starts at 7.50pm – 1 hour 10 minutesĀ