Swim Technique


Starting Thursday 3rd March at HOP – Senior Session

One of the questions asked multiple times in the recent Coaching Survey and in previous ones was to have more instruction on Technique and we will now be implementing that.

From this Thursday 3rd March we will be trying a new swim technique each Thursday in lane 1. How this will work:

  • Each week the coach coaching your lane will select 1 person from each lane to go to lane This will be after the warm up and last approximately 30 minutes. 
  • Each person will then receive instruction on technique.  The coaches will make a note of who goes to Lane 1 for this session and the following week a new person will be selected.
  • All the swimmers who are normally in Lane 1 will move up to lane 2 and depending upon numbers in the other lanes additional people in Lane 2 upwards may be moved up a lane to keep the numbers as balanced as possible. 
  • Those that do go to the lane 1 for the technique element, the session is designed to work on technique not speed or number of lengths.  If it is essential that you have to go fast or do a certain number of lengths then please let your coach know that you don’t wish to go for the swim technique lane.

If you have any questions please contact Head Coach Ralph Hydes.