Swim Video

Spitser Underwater Stock By Jack Spitser

Tuesday 8th March – Senior Swim at HOP

One of the requests asked in our latest Coaching Survey and previous ones was for the Club to provide a Swim Analysis and this is not possible as the amount of time taken to film, edit and analyze multiple such videos is simply not practical for Ralph and his team.

But we are able to offer an alternative, initially as a trial, which is just a simple video recording of individuals which will be then sent to those people recorded for them to view and download if they wish to simply give them a view of how they are swimming. Hopefully this will prove helpful as I am sure you are all aware by now that what you think you are doing when swimming and what you are actually doing can be very different. This is how it will work:

  • I will ask for one volunteer on the night from each lane to be filmed
  • Each person will swim 2 lengths and be filmed above and below water
  • In the following days I will send a link to each person where their video will be stored

This will enable me to get this done quickly so you can all resume the with the session as planned and I will be doing this filming myself and have no experience of doing anything like this so hope you can appreciate this is a trial and a learning curve so no guarantees on the quality of the output but it will hopefully still be useful and if so we will look to repeat and potentially do once a month.