Swimming Sessions for the Next Quarter at Thames Turbo


Dear Turbos

Now that most races (that did go ahead), are now finished or coming to an end, I would like to map out what the Tuesday and Thursday sessions will now be focusing on over the next few months.

I periodise the training for the club so that the sessions build and peak for the months of May, June and July – the main racing months in the UK.  For those of you racing outside of these months the training will still have you in good shape but make sure you let the coaches at the end of the lanes know when your races are and they can then make adjustments to the weekly sessions to help you peak at a different time.  This may mean missing alternative repetitions out or taking longer rest periods.

However, now that most races are now done, the focus is now on developing technique through more drills and strength building through longer reps or more reps of shorter distances.  I am also now going to reintroduce paddles so if you have some please bring them along.  The club do have some but if you have your own then please bring them to sessions as this will then mean those without can use the club ones.  Using paddles will develop strength in the shoulders and can help build your hand entry and stroke.

I look forward to putting you through it over the coming weeks.

Head Coach – Ralph Hydes