Thames Turbo club sessions for the next 2 – 3 months

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An explanation of the club’s sessions for the next two months.  Now that we have been back to club sessions for a month, I wanted to let you know the structure of the club sessions for the next 2 – 3 months.  Hopefully more races will start to happen but even if they don’t it is important to try to maintain the same periodised training structure of a normal season.  (Please read this article that I wrote a few weeks ago if you haven’t already).

Monday night turbo sessions – The focus is working on developing VO2 max.  In essence this means it is working the aerobic system very hard to prepare you for racing and time trialling which is what we are all working towards.  By working at increasingly longer durations at a high aerobic level you will be fitter and have the ability to go faster for longer working with the endurance we have built up over the past few months. A full lest of the Zwift sessions to be used can be found here.

Swim sessions  – The swim sessions hopefully you have enjoyed over the last few weeks.  As you will have noticed I have kept the number of lengths low, rest fairly generous and working on a combination of swim and drills to help reintroduce you and your muscles back to swimming.  The emphasis going forwards will be to start increasing the intensity of the sessions so that you feel faster.  However, everyone is at different levels of swim fitness, so please listen to the advice of the coaches if they comment on your form changing and learn to go easy if asked to.  This will get you fitter and reduce the likelihood of picking up niggles.  If you find that others are swimming much faster than you in your lane don’t feel disheartened.  It doesn’t mean that you have lost it.  Remember you won’t be at the same level as you were for some time and it will come back even if that means maybe sitting out a rep or a couple of lengths or taking slightly longer rests.  The main thing is you listen to your body but try to keep to the session plan as much as you can.

Track sessions – Kate has put together a fantastic programme for the track sessions and these sessions like the bike and swim sessions are aimed at developing your run speed to help you peak for the summer months (which is when hopefully some races will be taking place again). 

All these sessions will compliment your other training – if you would like further advice on your training sessions outside of the club sessions or if your race or event falls outside of the summer months, please ask one of the coaches. 

I look forward to seeing you all at the club sessions and to how you get on in any races that you are entered in.