Thames Turbo Coaches

Head Coach - Ralph Hydes

Name: Ralph Hydes

Years coaching: Since 2000

Qualifications: BTF Level 3 High Performance, Ironman Certified coach, BTF First aid, ASA swimming, Circuit training, Sports massage, Advanced Sports therapy and rehabilitation, Body massage, Personal training, Advanced personal training, Fitness assessment and health appraisal, Sports nutrition, Exercise for special populations, Exercise to music

Main coaching session: Swimming and Junior Run and Bike

Distances raced:  Sprints, Olympic, 70.3, Ironman, Endurance cycles

Strongest discipline: Used to be running now cycling

Years in the club: Since 2017

Best bit about coaching

I have been coaching for many years now and what drives me is seeing how far people can go with their goals.  This may be simple achievements to some but whatever level you are striving for gives not just you but me great satisfaction.  I believe that anyone can achieve anything given that you give it time and commitment. I love the buzz that follows from a session whether it is from being pushed hard or just learning even the smallest thing.

Coaching style: As you might have seen I am fairly relaxed and laid back regarding my coaching style.  I know what will get results as I have helped so many over the years, so trust what I am telling you!  I will push you hard. For those of you that have experienced my coaching in running and cycling you will also see that some of my sessions are quite unique in order to achieve high levels of improvement.  This can be for any level from total beginner right through to elite athletes.

Triathlon/sporting background: I started my athletic life when I was at school representing my school, district, county and region in Cross Country and athletics.  I was 6 counties champion for Cross Country and went to the English schools every year from 11. I wanted to carry on my love for running at University so I went to Loughborough (I actually did a politics degree).  During my time there I used to train with some of the best athletes in the country including Paula Radcliffe. After finishing at Loughborough I went into the Army as an officer once again to try to incorporate my fitness with work.  During my time there I broke the Parachute regiment course record for their 1.5 mile run. Unfortunately I picked up an injury whilst in Canada and was medically discharged. I sought further careers in sport and once I rehabilitated myself I became a Personal trainer and Triathlon coach.  Since 2000 I have competed for Great Britain at 8 World Championships coming 7th in 2006 in Duathlon, completed hundreds of triathlons, 4 70.3 events and 2 Ironman events. In addition I have competed at many Cycling endurance events such as ride london, Dragon ride, tour of Yorkshire (which I won), and 11 etape du tours.

And outside of Triathlon? Outside of Thames Turbo I run training camps in Greece and Lanzarote (, I’m a mad Liverpool fan and love skiing.  I don’t have time for anything else as I’m always working.