Urgent Message from Covid Officer Andy Goodall


As ever, the face of all that we are doing is changing at a pace only known in 2020. 

With further guidelines recently released from the BTF relating to the tier system there are some additional changes we must implement to how we can host our senior swim sessions ahead of Christmas. 

The restrictions relating to travelling between tier areas continue as before meaning seniors cannot travel from tier 2 to tier 3 to attend sessions.  If you live outside of tier 3 but have booked a senior swim session which you now can’t attend please remember to cancel this on the app

The latest BTF guidelines state that pool swimming cannot be coached for seniors in tier 3, despite in our case these being outdoor sessions. We have requested clarification on this point from the BTF and will of course let you know if there are any changes but for now senior swim sessions will be casual swimming and not be coached in any way.   Our Covid guidelines remain in place for these sessions (see here for a reminder)

For our juniors we can continue to provide coached training to all as they are exempt from all tier restrictions and parents/carers/chaperones may travel across tiers to enable them to take part. This is in line with government and BTF guidelines. We ask that parents/carers/chaperones limit time at the entrances and exits from facilities and so drop-off and pick-up at as close to the session start and end times as possible. 

We know this is hugely disappointing after the excitement of lockdown 2.0 ending recently, and hope these restrictions are short lived, but we thank you for your continued support and understanding.

The committee is considering all available options as to how we progress forward in 2021 and will keep you informed of all changes.