Zwift Friday Night Session – A Race!

Zwift Photo Cycling 01

This Friday, 10th April, instead of the normal free ride Meet Up on Zwift we are entering a Race.

The race we have selected is the Newbury Velo Crit at 7.35 pm:

To enter, open your Zwift Companion app, filter on “Races”, go to Friday 10th April, click on the Newbury Velo Crit as shown above and enter your Category. What Category are you? It is based on your W/Kgs. How do I know this? Simple, just divide FTP by your weight in Kg’s. For example my my FTP is 274, divided by my weight of 76 Kg gives me a W/Kg rating of 3.6 so I am in Category B. If you enter the wrong Category? Zwift will automatically move you in to the right Category in the Results so don’t worry.

You also have to register on Zwiftpower to be included in the Results. DO NOT LEAVE THIS TO THE LAST MINUTE. Do it now before you enter the race. The following link describes the process and also gives other racing tips:

Any questions please email or message me.

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