Zwift Training – A Plan, Recommendations and Requests!

Training Iconv1

Listed below is some Recommendations from Head Coach Ralph Hydes and a Plan for the next 8 weeks for the Monday Night Turbo sessions, for those on Zwift and those that are not, it’s all the same sessions. We have 2 Requests as well:

  • Follow Ralph Hydes and Nick Cox on Zwift. The Meet Up invites will come from them going forward
  • When in the Zoom call on the Monday session please ensure you are on Mute. The background noise makes it harder to hear Ralph/Nick. You can unmute if you have a question, just return after.

From Head Coach Ralph Hydes

In order to not over train and to maintain the correct focus for the next two months I propose the following sessions:

Monday evenings – club Zwift session – on keep everyone together so everyone can work at their own intensity based upon their own FTP.  Focus is on working on building at sweet spot or on hill building strength.  Discord on and zoom for those that don’t have Zwift.  You will need to follow myself Ralph Hydes and also Nick Cox in order to join the meetups for these sessions. Please see schedule below for next 8 weeks.

Tuesday’s / Thursday’s – Time trial (team), these are only for those that want to race, not recommended every week.  If you don’t want to time trial but still want to race, I suggest that the sessions should work through the FTP builder programme.

Sunday’s – session – recommend a long ride outdoors but if the weather is nasty or you just don’t fancy riding outdoors a long group ride on Zwift with Discord on so banter can flow.  These sessions should be at least 1.5 hours in duration but suggest a limit of 2.5 as an absolute max due to the continuous nature of indoor riding approximately 25% more demanding that outdoor workouts as you don’t free wheel indoors!

  • Monday 4th Jan – Tractor pulls – GCN – Tom Last’s sprints – Tractor pulls
  • Monday 11th Jan – Sub Threshold #1 – L’Etape du Tour training plan – Phase 2 – Sub Threshold #1
  • Monday 18th Jan – FTP Development – Zwift academy Tri 2020 – 4. FTP Development
  • Monday 25th Jan – SST (Short) – Less than an hour to burn – SST (Short)
  • Monday 1st Feb – Sweet spot – L’Etape du Tour training plan – phase 3 – Sweet spot 6
  • Monday 8th Feb – Steady climbing – L’Etape du Tour training plan phase 4 – Steady Climbing
  • Monday 15th Feb – Sub Threshold XX #2 – 4wk FTP Booster – Week 4 – Day 4 – Sub Threshold XX #2
  • Monday 22nd Feb – Ramp Test – FTP Tests – Ramp Test