Race Details

Swim Course

This is a heated 25m indoor pool with anti-wave ropes.  All competitors will exit from the water at the far right end of the pool, via the steps, next to the exit to the transition outside. Each age group has a specific starting lane and number of laps to do, and they will go up and down the lane once before switching to the next lane. Youths and Juniors will repeat the first lane a set number of times before moving down the pool lanes. This will all be explained in the briefings.

lengths per category are:

  • Tristart: 2 Lengths (50m)
  • Tristar1: 6 Lengths (150m)
  • Tristar2: 10 Lenghts (250m)
  • Tristar3: 12 Lengths (300m)
  • Youth + Juniors: 14 Lengths (350m)

Run Course

The run course will start from the playing fields next to the pool.  The run will consist of lap(s) of the field. There will be water available during the run and at the finish. To ensure all competitors do the right number of laps and to help get run splits, there will be a narrow funnel on the run course where everyone will have to slow down to collect a rubber band to put on their wrist. The bands will be checked at the finish, and if they do not match the number written the competitor will be sent out again. Please ensure you get a band each lap

The laps per category are:

  • Tristart: 1 Lap (500m)
  • Tristar1: 3 Laps (1500m)
  • Tristar2: 4 Laps (2000m)
  • Tristar3: 6 Laps (3000m)